Power outages and how to handle them

The power going out can turn a lively night into something very stressful. But don’t panic! With these simple tips, of what to do before a power outage, and during one, you’ll get through absolutely OK.

Having a plan

The key thing to have before a power outage even occurs is a plan, especially if you are in an area prone to unstable power. Know what you are going to do, and have the equipment to do it. For example, if you know that your area is prone to one day power outages, you won’t need too much, but you’ll probably need to cook at least once, have some form of lighting and so on. So get some candles, torches, bottled water, and a camping stove (along with appropriate, non-perishable food for it). You should scale the size of your kit depending on how long you expect power to be out; always remember to plan for the worst! If you are in an area where some damage might occur, also consider adding a first aid kit to your equipment set, to ensure that any minor injuries can be dealt with easily.

The other thing to note with planning is whether anything specific in or around your property may be in danger if you encounter a power outage. Be sure to have a part of your plan devoted to what you are going to do to secure your safety.

During the outage

The first thing to do is to stay calm, grab a torch, and double check that it isn’t just a circuit breaker that has tripped. If it is, then you can possibly just turn your power back on and all is well. But, if you notice your neighbourhood completely power-less, then go grab the kit, and enact your plan. One key tip is to avoid opening your fridge or freezer too frequently. Make sure the cool stays inside, to avoid your food spoiling too quickly. Then, turn off what you can at the wall, except for a light or two so that you know when the power has returned. Having everything come back on at once can be potentially dangerous. From there, utilise the items in your preparation kit to wait it out, or take any relevant actions that your plan demands, if you are in a more dangerous area that needs securing.

Good luck with your next outage, you’ll find that they’re far less stressful when you are prepared perfectly!

This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, a professional Sydney removalist company.